Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hardwired for Faith


Over the past several years, as I progressed from being an atheist since my late teens to regaining my early faith in my mid 40's – regaining and then some, and to nobody’s greater surprise than my own – I came to realize what I believe is a Truth: people are hardwired to believe in something larger than themselves.  It seems I’m not alone – and in what I consider yet another example of something “in the air” I am seeing this same concept in multiple places.  For example; The Legacy of the West (bolding added):

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  1. Thomas Sowell is pure genius. The damn Progressive Liberal Democratic Socialists aka., FRIGGING COMMIE BACKSTABBING TRAITOR Bat-RASTARDS are truly intellectuals, of the Legend Level, in their own minds.

    1. They're scum... but don't underestimate them - OR their commitment to Their Cause. Even morons with 100% fanaticism can do real damage.