Tuesday, May 28, 2019

'Polar Bear' memorial in Troy marks a largely forgotten GI mission in WWI Russia

Via Papa

The first 56 who lie buried near the marble statue of the polar bear died in Russia, where their government sent them to fight ghosts when the rest of the world was celebrating the end of the Great War.

The others, though — the ones who bought their burial plots close by, across a pathway from the Polar Bear Monument — were lucky enough to come home. And years later, when so many others had forgotten the sad and sorry story of the Polar Bear Expedition, they made the choice to lie forever near their brothers in shared misery.
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  1. Please check out latest on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com about John Wilkes Booth's body double and the possibility that someone other than Booth was killed in Garrett's tobacco barn. Posted 5/28/19.

  2. Wow! I have never heard of these men. Interesting. Thanks Brock.

  3. Reading about the Polar Bear unit brings to mind: what were they doing there, what was the real reason for being there, who made the real decision to send them, and those in the Wilson administration/big business-bankers that decitfully pushed the US into WWI.
    Should've stayed out.