Sunday, May 19, 2019

On The Dole

Via Cousin John

$1,400 a week?


  1. When the .gov handout package is totaled, it will come to approximately $4,300.00 per month. That figure can fluctuate depending on the number of children. etc. (more kids means a larger housing allowance and more free groceries, medical care, meds, etc., and whether a car allowance is included). There is NOTHING right about such programs. Don't you know the average "jihadi joe" has to scratch his head and wonder why his sworn enemy greets and sustains him in such a manor. This kind of stuff has to stop.

    1. I misread the initial post. I was thinking $1,400 per month. That figure multiplied by 4.33 would total well over $5,000 per month which would be about right. I apologise (intentionally spelled the "old Southern way) for any confusion.

    2. Yes, I was questioning the amount which is ludicrous.

    3. It is absolutely insane! There are several of these types of programs where actors from various third world countries are strategically placed as part of a grand social engineering scheme carried out by deep state agents working towards a "one world government".