Monday, June 10, 2019

Joe Biden 1974: ‘Politicians Can Take Away’ First Amendment ‘If We Want’

 Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., right, shakes hands with Adlai E. Stevenson III, D-Ill., April 6, 1974, during the first annual Counter Gridiron party in Washington. Watching is Miss Ruth Dean of Washington. (AP Photo)

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a journalist in 1974 that “cruddy politicians” like himself could “take away” the First Amendment if they wanted.

The current 2020 Democrat frontrunner made the comments to Washingtonian magazine while being interviewed for a profile published in June 1974. Biden, then only 31-years-old, came to regret the interview, as his penchant for gaffes and insensitive remarks—traits defining later portions of his career—heavily colored the piece. At the time, however, Biden appeared eager to discuss his life as the nation’s youngest senator.

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  1. 45 years in the Govt service and hasn't accomplished one dang thing. Hasn't solved one issue or problem. Yet, he wants to be our next President? Wants to make America, America again. What a BUFFOON!