Saturday, July 13, 2019

FTC Approves About $5 Billion Fine for Facebook Over Privacy Violations

Via Billy

 Attendees walk past a Facebook logo during Facebook Inc's F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif., on April 30, 2019. (Stephen Lam/File Photo via Reuters)

The FTC has voted to approve a fine of about $5 billion for Facebook over privacy violations, the Wall Street Journal reported July 12. The report cited an unnamed person familiar with the matter.

 More @ The Epoch Times


  1. 5 Billion for Zuck is merely "Chump Change". The best thing all intelligent people can do is bail out of the Social Media cyber swamp and let the primordial soup fester.

    1. 5 Billion for Zuck is merely "Chump Change".


  2. A one day cash flow for a $545 Billion a year company. Not even a speed bump. Now, arrest from the CEO and Board of Directors down 7 or 8 levels of management including all of HR, Section Managers and Division chiefs and then get convictions of Wiretapping, RICO Statues, and ongoing Conspiracy and at least 20 years in a Super Max, I might be impressed.

  3. Not a particularly meaningful fine. Kind of like fining someone with $600 bucks in their pockets $5. To the commies at FarceBook it's just a small cost of doing business.