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1921 Tennessee Civil War Veteran's Questionnaire by William Thomas McKnight 17-Jun-1846 to 28-Sep-1922

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Transcriber's notes:

In 1918 and again in 1922 a Tennessee historian sent this questionaire to all living Tennessee Civil War vetrans. This questionaire was answered by William Thomas McKnight in the fall of 1921, about a year before his death. This document is from the Tennessee archives in Nashville.

Transcribed by Thomas Harrison McKnight III on Sept. 12, 1998, at Orlando, Florida from photo copy of original document.

The chief purpose of the following questions is to bring out facts that will be of service in writing a true history of the Old South. Such a history has not yet been written. By answering these questions you will make a valuable contribution to the history of your State. In case the space following any question is not sufficient for your answer, you may write your answer on a separate piece of paper. But when this is done, be sure to put the number of the question on the paper on which the answer is written, and number the pages of the paper on which you write you answer. Read all the questions before you answer any of them. After answering the questions here given, if you desire to make additional statements, I would be glad for you to add just as much as you desire.

1. State your full name and present postoffice address. 

William Thomas McKnight 1881 Cowden Ave Memphis Tenn.

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