Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mo' From the Garden

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  1. A bountiful harvest, indeed. Glad to see ya'll's tilling efforts
    were well rewarded. I didn't think your old house had air

  2. Actually there are two houses a 1790 Georgian and an 1810 Federal connected together in 1988. My 3G built both and the 2nd when his son married a Mayo down the road. There was a 3 zone climate system using well water and hidden under the house but when I needed to replace them I had a hard time replicating those so I am now 'graced' with the ugliness of 3 outside ones. Need to hide them somehow but don't know what would be the best yet.

    1. Well glad to hear your not sizzling in this high humidity.
      The old system sounds unique. The unit doesn't look bad
      I just figured you were on the fan system. Thanks.

    2. Certainly, you just never know as yesterday afternoon was just perfect on the back porch. Though I am better accustomed to heat/humidity as I've spent so much time in Vietnam.

    3. Good to know your equipped to survive. The high humidity,
      I hate and seems to be more numerous from days gone by.

    4. Can't remember where you live...?