Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cruz: Universities ‘Trying Really Hard To Raise A Generation Of Pansies’


  1. OUTSTANDING VIDEO, Brock. Thank You!

  2. 9:30 I don't want to believe he realizes what he is making lite of. But if people brush off accusations as if it's a backward witch hunt, we may have to shove the horrors exposed in Hostile and 8MM. There is a reason it's taboo, stuff films have a purpose not just an irrational jolly.
    Five cops on permanent leave from Earth, in the NY district where a laptop had video files. The commanding officer will leave 32yrs of service, to work security for a Cfound sub.
    The files were posted on the correct channels a few hours before El'Paso City, by the Rio Grand. Have seen the stills, heard a vivid description that would confirm NO CIVILIZED PERSON WANTS TO SEE THIS. Yet if we can't get people to open their eyes, IT WILL CONTINUE!
    It's called human trafficking, and there is nothing humane about their unheard deaths.