Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Tucker Carlson: White supremacy is a 'hoax' and 'not a real problem'

Via Billy

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night called white supremacy a “hoax,” comparing it to the investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and saying it is being used to divide the country.

“This is a hoax, just like the Russian hoax,” Carlson said during a segment on his program. “It’s a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power.”

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  1. This guy definitely knows what he is talking about, IMHO. Thanks again Brock.

  2. White supremacy is just an alternate accusation used as the term "raciss" is just plumb wore out. Reminds me of negro, African American, and then black...they keep wearing out the inflammatory language and shift to something new.

    1. Yes.

      "Not White, Not Black, Both Colored"

      I remember in my mother's latter years, she was helped by a lovely lady that may have reminded her of her own mammy, Aunt Emily Johnson, who was her wet nurse beginning in 1907.

      Once my mother and this sweet lady were discussing the rampant debates concerning race terminology such as African-American, black, Caucasian, colored, white ad infinitum.

      My mother stated she thought this was all just silliness when her friend and companion held her arm next to my mothers and stated: "Miss Ellen D, you're not white and I'm not black, we're both colored."


      My sister Anne to the rescue.

      "Are you speaking of Annie Mae Johnson ? She always called mother, Miss Ellen D. Annie Mae died last year. She was truly a lady."

    2. I only use the term "African American" of persons who emigrated from Africa and became naturalized citizens. I told several of my friends at work who were black that they were not African Americans, but simply Americans if they were born here. They agreed with me. Actually I said that all of us who were born here (natural born) were by definition, native Americans. And typically persons who are American Indians use Indian or their tribe which, here in Tennessee, was Cherokee, or Choctaw. One of my co-workers, part Choctaw, said some Indians he knew, Cherokee especially, refused to carry a $20 bill because it has Andrew Jacksons picture on it. --Ron W :-)

    3. that all of us who were born here (natural born) were by definition, native Americans.

      Good point.