Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Google Latest Company To Abandon China, Shifts Smartphone Production To Vietnam

Via The Daily Timewaster


Google has reportedly become the latest company to aggressively move production out of China and in to Vietnam as it hopes to create a "low-cos supply chain in Southeast Asia" that "will serve as a springboard for its growing hardware ambitions," according to Nikkei Asian Review.

Google, which is working with a partner to manufacture its smartphones, started work on converting an old Nokia factory in the North Vietnamese province of Bac Ninh where it will produce most of its Pixel phones, per two people familiar with the company's plans. The area has a special significance in the history of smartphone development: It is the same province where Samsung built its first smartphone supply chain roughly ten years ago.

All of this history means Google will have access to an army of workers experienced.

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  1. Whaaaatt? I thought that China and GOOGLE were best of buds. I reckon the gig was up and they had to get out of town quick. OR, they are doing their Mater's bidding, and will be the first wave in the assimilation of Vietnam. SNAP, that has already happened. Maybe their real target is Thailand, Malaysia, and the P.I. They are up to no good for sure.

  2. Nothing to see here folks just a bunch of hypocritical Liberal, pretend to love Socialism, large corporation owners following the money trail. it's been going on for hundreds of years.