Wednesday, August 28, 2019

NC: Hysteria over ‘assault weapons’

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Liberals have again resurrected the call for banning modern sporting rifles (aka assault weapons). Of course true “assault weapons” are select fire (meaning full, semi, and/or burst fire) rifles. Typically, these use rifle class cartridges, as opposed to submachine guns that use pistol cartridges.

Semi-automatic means one round fired per trigger pull; full automatic means multiple rounds fired per single trigger pull. Burst fire means a preset number of cartridges fired per pull (usually three).

Full automatic and burst fire weapons are tightly regulated by the federal government, and none made after 1986 can be owned by private citizens. There is not a presence of full or burst fire legal arms involved in crime. Additionally, pre-1986 automatics, aka class III arms, are extremely expensive. Of course, criminals can alter or steal these arms as well.

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