Friday, August 16, 2019

$NAACP$ sues Virginia county over Confederate names, mascots

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The NAACP is suing a Virginia school district over the use of Confederate-related school names and mascots, arguing that it forces African American students to participate in discriminatory activities.

According to court filings obtained by CBS affiliate WTVR 6, the NAACP argues that the names of two schools in Hanover County, Stonewall Jackson Middle School and Jackson Lee High School, are discriminatory.

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  1. The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED PEOPLE should sue themselves into oblivion for being so inhumane, so calloused, so racist for use of such a pejorative term in its title.

  2. The other side of the county are know as the "Patriots". The Patrick Henry HS Patriots. They will target PHHS for the next name change soon enough. F*#@*^$ Commies and haters!