Friday, August 16, 2019

We Are Fading Fast: Final Annual Meeting/Reunion of The Saigon Mission Association: The Last To Leave

Greetings to All.

You may remember that this is supposed to be Final Annual Meeting/Reunion. However a few of the faithful attendees want to continue. Hopefully the attendance in 2020 will be a large one. There will be a discussion on the possibility of continuing and a vote to see what the larger group want to do. Again I hope there will be a large turn out as I would not feel right if there where only a small group to make the determination to discontinue or continuing.  

Please see the attached flyer for the information on 2020 Annual Meeting/Reunion. Please pay attention to all the required dates so all will go smoothly. 




  1. Even though I've not been a reliable member of our group, I'm shocked to read that our group is supposed to end this next year.

    I understand that our Lord are calling the original members to his grace. Their memories and sacrifices hold through our hearts and generations.

    My personal feeling is simply this, our loved ones fought or survived this time - we need to carry the memory and feeling forward.

    The last days of Vietnam's true freedom need to be remembered and it's our quiet voices that do so.

    I encourage our group to continue so we can say to the world that even though the boots that were on the ground have left us... we still remember their fight

    --Joe Wink

  2. Just noticed this and the reunion was canceled this year but hopefully we will have it next year. Thanks.