Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trump’s withdrawal from Syria saves American lives from unwinnable Middle East conflict

 Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and President of the London Center for Policy Research.
 If we fight, we will fight to win.

President Trump cares about America’s men and women in uniform in a way that his detractors can never fully understand, because he alone bears responsibility when the political class’s visions of glory give way to the grim realities of war. Plus — he understands that being tied down holding terrain makes our troops the target and removes our ability to remain agile and maintain the initiative.

When President Trump announced his decision to move American troops out of Northern Syria ahead of a military offensive by Turkey, Democrats and the Washington foreign policy establishment howled with outrage (note after years of inaction or concern under the Obama Administration whose inaction resulted in 500,000 innocent people murdered).

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  1. Hear, Hear! BRAVO!!

    In the event their are any Doubters out there Brock, I submit the Shout heard around the world. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah also! :)

  2. In war you kick ass then go home. Not hang around for 18 years putting out grass fires. Same with Europe, we been here 70 years protecting people who live in safe places.

  3. “I'm trying to get out of wars. We may have to get in wars, too. OK? We may have to get in wars,” Trump told reporters at the White House. Yea, right there on our Southern border like
    Col. MacGregor stated again on Lou Dobbs. That's where the 'war'
    should be.