Monday, October 21, 2019

Vietnam 1972

Via Vi Vu 

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  1. In this article, it was reported that the Vietnamese deported
    children to the US who were not full Vietnamese to preserve their
    culture - culture was important to them and it should be for all
    cultures. The sacks of shit try to tell all 'we are all the same'.
    Not true. The Vietnamese recognized this as should all cultures.
    Brock, do you recall or have you heard of deportation of half
    Vietnamese children to the US d/t bloodline modifications?

    1. No, at the end when we initiated Operation Babylift, we loaded C5A's with whomever the orphanages sent. I imagine there would have been some 1/2 Vietnamese but all the pictures show predominantly Vietnamese children. When I went back for the first time in 1992, I visited TSN where Amerasians were waiting the final OK to go to the states. None of them looked pure Vietnamese. I have many pictures at that time which I should post.

  2. I saw some pictures of the Amerasians. They were pretty children.
    I guess it was all about pride in their culture. I know a lot of
    the Amerasians were treated as outcasts. I've seen pictures and
    reports of 'babylift' on your site before and the crowded conditions and anguish.
    Thank you for your honest reply.

    1. Did you check out all the links?

    2. Some of the links would not open - access denied; server
      not found. You had posted the 'babylift' a couple of
      yrs. ago or maybe three yrs ago which at the time I delved into a lot. The article on National Vanguard interested
      me as I did not know the Vietnamese did not want the
      Amerasians and how the Vietnamese were treated by the
      imperial Americans.
      Reminds me of Mad Dog Shriver and his bonding with the
      Montagnards and his preferred association.

    3. Yes and I see much to my distaste you are correct link wise. I do see the very last one is OK and I imagine the best of the others. Thanks.