Monday, November 4, 2019

Opposing Views

Image result for sf ft bragg graduating class
Members of the 3rd Special Forces Group attend a Valor Award Ceremony at Fort Bragg, N.C.

--Blackmansavior has commented on your story "‘Why Don’t We Murder More White People?’":

Whites origins are a secret...heavy metal is mostly about it.....Europeans are subterraneous. They came from hell...the catacombs underneath each European city is where that particular species was before the Ice sheet melted. It's too dark for most whites to want to know and gives black people too much info which illustrates how truly superior we are having developed math science art language agriculture etc well before whitey came from the pit. Blacks are beginning to realize just how sick whites are with their cave tendencies, pedophilia homo acts, deception, not to mention greed and a million other forms of wickedness.


The great 'diversifiers' have never shared a barracks with 60-70% Black enlisted 'men'.  I say 'men' because young Blacks are generally immature, have no self control, are loud and obnoxious, have no morals, and respect nothing.  Your property is stolen by those from your own unit.  Army, Jail, Schools makes little difference.  The same great diversifiers have never tried to get work out of any group of Blacks.  Five will do three men's work in twice the time, but only under constant supervision.  As you watch TV, notice how many white faces you see in the Infantry - Combat Arms units' notice how many disabled vets you see in commercials are white.  Blacks don't go where the shit flies.

Black males live for instant gratification, they have no interest in art, culture, civilization, or Christianity, beyond lip service, to 'get over'.

What you see on TV is a lie; 98% of Blacks don't own nice homes in the suburbs, much less drive Mercedes SUV's.  99% of Blacks are NOT Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers,
or Architects, neither are they executives or managers.  Affirmative Action has 'ordained' some for visual effects.  A minuscule few have actually made it on their own, and God Bless 'em.

The federal government hires by quota, and generally favors Blacks.  Again, the productive output is diminished.  The government is 'bloated' because of all the deadwood.
To get anything done at all, they have to hire White, Latino or Asians in sufficient ratio to keep the wagon moving.   I saw what I saw in the Army, I saw what I saw in Civil Service, I saw what I saw in Construction, I saw what I saw in Shipyards, I saw what I saw in the Prisons.  You cannot 'unsee' what you've already seen.

Talk to Cops, Corrections Officers, Teachers, School Maintenance men, Security officers, bus drivers, NCO's, HR people, Business owners,and ask who their problem children are.   Companies have trouble just getting hirees to show up!  Sometimes I think that's might be a major reason so many manufacturers have moved offshore.
These guys vote democrat, as many times as they can.   They get paid for it. 

Now, it never used to be like this.  I know, I'm old enough to remember.  I don't like 'generalizing' any more than you do, but the sorry fact is, that the number of responsible, mature males in the Black population is infinitesimal.   They are there, and thank God for them, but they are. literally, the Few Good Men. 


  1. Damn!!!! TRUTH NUGGETS FOR SURE. Thank you Brock.

  2. The main reason I got out of the Army after 4 years, 9 months as an MP, 99.9% of my time was dealing with young black males and females. Any unit predominantly white, no or very little interaction. Any units predominately black mucho interaction and it was usually HQ, Supply and Transportation companies. Those are where they congregated.

    1. HQ, Supply and Transportation companies.

      A backup to 4Branch's assertions.

  3. Nah. There are plenty of White men out of work.

    The reason for "offshoring" is that (((the usual suspects))) aren't content to pay a White man twelve dollars an hour if they can go to India or Mexico or China or some other godforsaken Third World hellhole that hasn't figured out non-lethal municipal drinking water yet and pay the locals twelve cents a month.

    The 1984 Bhopal, India "disaster" at a chemical plant owned by Union Carbide was a direct result of this. Illiterate IQ-55 pajeets don't do "preventative maintenance," any more than they write passable code, but they work so cheap! It's so profitable! Are you trying to put us out of business? Oy vey! It's anuddah Shoah!