Monday, December 16, 2019

Donald Trump will prevail over 'scalp-hunting' journalists

Via John

President Donald Trump talks with a gaggle of journalists.

Ever since Watergate and the fall of Richard Nixon, a not-so-secret appeal of journalism has been the possibility that you, too, could bring down a president. Get a press pass and, presto, you’re another Woodward and Bernstein.

Donald Trump just spoiled the fantasy.

If, as expected, the Democrats’ impeachment dies a quick death in the Senate, it’s not just Speaker Nancy Pelosi who will have been thwarted. Presidential scalp-hunting by a biased media will be another Washington game disrupted by Trump.


  1. Hey Brock, TRUMP HAS THIS IN THE BAG! No Worries. I saw this article over at Knuckledraggin and followed the link.

    This would really make some DemonRat heads explode.

    1. :) Thanks and wish it were true.

    2. I agree, it is probably sophisticated trolling of the media. They would never think to research it to confirm/verify. It's like many memes, or clips of recent hearings, where we ask: "Did he really say that?," "Are they really that dumb?, Can that actually happen here?," "Do we have enough rope?" or "Where is the nearest Tree?" I didn't think that "Tricky Dick" was that popular back in the day.

      But, I would like to see the Dems having to pay for their own Schifft Circus instead of us Taxpayers. When this next level of the circus is over wouldn't it be nice to have the losers pay for the winner's court costs, and lawyer fees?

    I don't know where it goes from here.