Monday, December 16, 2019

Remembering Hero Richard Jewell — Confederate Flag Supporter


I just finished seeing the movie trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film Richard Jewell produced and directed by Clint Eastwood and scheduled for US release on Friday, December 13th, starring actor Paul Walter Hauser as the title character.  Honestly I can’t wait to see this film, and feel that it should have been made years ago.

At then 20 years old, I witnessed the national tragedy that took place during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia as millions of people worldwide did following the bomb explosion at Centennial Olympic Park. The bombing directly killed 1 person and injured 111 others; another person later died of a heart attack.


  1. Did they ever catch the real criminal? I don't recall.

    1. Yes and it is in the article The man from the west coast as I remember.

  2. SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to a man with balls, Mr. Eastwood, for making the movie.

    Y'all have a nice day.