Monday, March 9, 2020

Antifa, Symbionese Liberation Army, & Their Signature Chopped M1 Carbine

The SLA wielded nineteen weapons to include M1 Carbines converted to full auto as well as cut-down 12-gauge shotguns, handguns, and improvised grenades made from 35mm film canisters. (I wonder if these were simply M2's, my favorite, chopped down?) The End Of A Republic (My Citroen)

Google claims that Antifa is, “A political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology.” Those aligned with the movement tend to be anti-capitalists, anarchists, socialists, communists, social democrats, or some toxic combination. Generally, young impressionable ideologues flock to this violent misinformed movement perceiving it to be fresh, edgy, innovative, and new. It isn’t.

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  1. You have had to live through the 60's to appreciate the Radical left's American terror organizations from the SLA, Black Panthers, Weathermen and others. A good read to learn more is: "Destructive Generation" by Peter Collier & David Horowitz.

    1. Thanks and in 1964 when I was attending Randolph-Macon, I took a wrong turn in Richmond and as I turned around a black girl yelled out to me "Whitey". I had no idea at the time why or what it meant. :)

      Bourbon, REL IV & Hell Week