Thursday, April 30, 2020

Defining Communism

 Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined - The Objective Standard
How to tell if you live in a communist nation:
Do you distrust everything you hear on the "news?" 
Do you think that most reports from the government are skewed or misrepresented?
Do you spend time trying to decide which social, racial or ideological group will benefit from the latest law?
Do you have to use alternate definitions for certain words to understand what a government official is saying?
Do you risk fines or imprisonment for actions taken on your property that might be a marginal annoyance to a neighbor?
Here at 12 Round we are proud capitalists and there will never be enough freedom to satisfy us. 
These attitudes built this nation and when I visit other websites and encounter the sort of soviet attitudes that are prevalent, it is a shocking reminder of what is going on behind the scenes, behind the flags and official city, county and state edifices. Just because a building claims to be represented by the United States flag, that does not suggest (though it tries hard to do just that) that it has retained any semblance to  American governance.

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