Friday, April 24, 2020

Houston Looking at Dismantling $17M Temp Hospital That Didn't See a Single Patient

Via Billy

One thing the coronavirus outbreak has taught us is that we have limited resources, at least when it comes to funding.

Consider that the funds set aside for small businesses in the Paycheck Protection Program ran out in a matter of weeks. And that’s the federal government. State governments have even less budgetary room to play around with, and counties have even less money.
So imagine what Harris County, home to Houston, must be feeling right now given that when it’s all said and done, they will have spent about $17 million on a temporary hospital that has yet to see a single patient.

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  1. Sounds like some contractors managed to pocket a few coins out of THAT boondoggle.

    1. $2,700 a day, wonder who authorized such? A total amount was probably authorized withoutvanalysis of costs.