Friday, April 24, 2020

Judge Roger Benitez Tosses California Law Requiring Background Checks For Ammunition Purchases

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 The Federal Judge Who Struck Down the CA Ban on Magazines Holding ...

The experiment has been tried, the casualties have been counted.

The money quote, the greatest quote of all time is this, straight from the decision made by this good judge.
Law-abiding citizens are imbued with the unalienable right to keep and bear firearms along with the ammunition to make their firearms work. That a majority today may wish it were otherwise, does not change the Constitutional right. It never has. California has tried its unprecedented experiment. The casualties suffered by law abiding citizens have been counted. Presently, California and many other states sit in isolation under pandemic-inspired stay-at-home orders. Schools, parks, beaches, and countless non-essential businesses are closed. Courts are limping by while police make arrests for only the more serious crimes. Maintaining Second Amendment rights are especially important in times like these. Keeping vigilant is necessary in both bad times and good, for if we let these rights lapse in the good times, they might never be recovered in time to resist the next appearance of criminals, terrorists, or tyrants.
Good man.  God has His eye on you.


I’ve already had to burn one annoyingly stupid comment on the fire today.  Let’s expand just a bit.
Do I really believe that the Ninth Circuit is going to let this stand?  Am I that stupid?
Or is my point something else?  Perhaps a man did something noteworthy.  The judge is a good man, obviously, not perfect, but clear-headed and committed to liberty.  Those are strong words, not the weak tea we see even from SCOTUS.

Character is forged in fire, not easy times.  It’s also revealed that way.  This is a memorable quote – something to remember when times aren’t so good.  It’s also a decision that will forever mark him out, and pit him against the Ninth Circuit, and one that will also engender even more hatred for the Ninth Circuit, whether California changes or not.

This isn’t about a court decision.  It’s about the evolution of a culture, the bifurcation of its people, the positioning of sides, what a man did in these times, and what it revealed about his soul.
Perhaps something big will come of it, like being appointed to the Ninth Circuit in the future.  Or perhaps something even bigger will come of it, such as God remembering his actions.


  1. Excellent! Our pre-existing rights protected by the Constitution are not a matter of democratic vote, legislation or executive decree. Nor are they group or collective fights. They are for the smallest minority, that is, each individual person. This good judge protected the right if each person against the Goverment and legislative tyranny. --Ron W

    1. Makes you think that there is still hope after-all.