Thursday, April 2, 2020

Kalashnikov Komrad: The New Non-NFA, 12-Gauge, Semi-Auto Firearm

  The new Komrad, with a 12.5-inch barrel, remains non-NFA.
 Komrad 12- Kalashnikov USA

With an SB Tactical pistol brace, 12.5-inch barrel and detachable magazines, the Kalashnikov Komrad radically updates the Saiga.

 The Kalashnikov Komrad is invading the U.S. market, and it’s one badass looking shotgun … excuse us, firearm. Based on the Russian Saiga design, the 12-gauge Kalashnikov Komrad sports a 12.5-inch barrel. Best of all, the Komrad remains non-NFA.

 Kalashnikov USA plans to offer the Komrad for a limited time. The company will produce an undisclosed small number of arms then retire the model. The Komrad also marks the first ever direct-to-consumer firearm from Kalashnikov. No tax stamp and non-NFA, the Komrad delivers tremendous appeal.

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