Thursday, April 2, 2020

Understanding the War

Field artillery in the American Civil War - Wikipedia

12 Round Enterprises was conceived of, created as and served to exist as a conduit for the message of freedom and capitalism. Our first documentary Lies of Omission was an indictment of the media's ability to ignore open crimes, unconstitutional acts and all with the purpose of promoting communism. Lies of Omission was our attempt to broaden the scope of reliable sources of information (away from the daily talk show hosts and pundits that are so often consumed by their need to sell products) It was never perceived as a means of making money, except so that we could further support those also engaged in the struggle for freedom, capitalism or individual rights. To that end, we have never made any money for ourselves, not one dime. Someday, that may not be true, but the idea that we will ever be justly compensated for the career-killing activities we have taken part in, in an ever-increasingly communist nation, is a pipe dream.

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