Thursday, April 2, 2020

Trump Launches Massive All Out Military Offensive On Drug Cartels

 A photo taken on August 7, 2019, shows the US Navy USS Donald Cook class guided missile destroyer during an exercise how simulate a humanitarian response to a powerful earthquake and significant movement of IDF vessels and foreign vessels in the Mediterranean sea. - Sailors from France, Greece and the United States arrived on their vessels and were joined by the Israelis off the Israeli port city of Haifa for a four-day exercise, called "Mighty Waves". It simulated extracting wounded civilians to sea for treatment, fishing people out of the water and transferring humanitarian aid, with representatives of seven other navies taking part as observers.

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the administration was launching an all out assault on Mexican drug cartels using the U.S. military.

“As governments and nations focus on the Coronavirus, there is a growing threat that cartels, criminals, terrorists, and other malign actors will try to exploit the situation for their own gain and we must not let that happen,” Trump said. “We will never let that happen. Today the United States is launching enhanced counter narcotics operations in the western hemisphere to protect the American people from the deadly scourge of illegal narcotics.”


 WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES - MARCH 4, 2020: General Mark Milley, Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Armed Services

General Milley Drops Hammer On Mexican Cartels: ‘We Will Defend Our Country Regardless Of The Cost’


  1. this is a worrisome prospect for the military. every time a national military gets involved in combating the drug trades, it devolves into the military being corrupted by the cartel running the drugs. there is so much money involved it makes me cringe at the possibilities of some politicians enhancing their own accounts with the graft and theft that will eventually grow out of the activities. this isn't hollywood, its real life and it has happened almost every time its been done. IGs and investigators will be working very hard to keep everyone on the centerline but once politicians get involved with it, its screwed

    1. once politicians get involved with it, its screwed

      Par for the course. :(

    2. Hmmm.

      And ya don't think local, county, state, and Fed officials of border states aren't already on cartel payrolls?

      Filed under: "If they can grease the palm of the President of Mexico with $100 million...." joe tentpeg

    3. It's a win-win for the cartels since if you don't go along they kill your family.

  2. I listened to the General speak. The tone and tenor, the words he used, the ferocity with which he spoke, this man means business. Sign me up, let's go kill some cartel and commies.