Saturday, April 4, 2020

Pols Face a Coronavirus Test

 Pols Face a Coronavirus Test - WSJ

“Crises have a way of separating the leaderlike wheat from the opportunistic chaff,” Kimberly Strassel writes. “Example: The Trump administration spent this week distributing ventilators, standing up small-business loans, dispatching hospital ships, erecting alternate care facilities . . . 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent this week setting up a new House committee to investigate Donald Trump.”

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  1. Senior Brock, IMHAO, These simple TRUTHS, and COMPARISONS, should be Broadcast WORLDWIDE! On EVERY BILLBOARD, EVERY BULLETIN BOARD. DIGITZED and POSTED on EVERY MEDIUM AVAILABLE. This is Important for folks to see and understand. It shows who is REALLY WORKING to SOLVE THIS NIGHTMARE SCENARIO that the other side CREATED, and KNOWINGLY RELEASED, upon the World...

    Good -vs- Evil, Black and White, NO GREY Areas, Plain STARK TRUTH!!

    Thank You Sir, for helping spread these facts! We should all pass this along to as many folks (D, I, P, C, S, DS, BS, LGBTQRST M-O-U-S-E, ETC. ETC.) as we can. Give them the information, and let them decide what they will do with it. Hopefully, they will Choose Wisely. It seems pretty plain to me. But, WTF do I know?