Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Guidance is one thing; law is another


 Coronavirus Update: Nashua Requires Face Masks Worn in Public ...

Recently, the Board of Health of the City of Nashua NH recommended that the Board of Aldermen approve a new ordinance.  This ordinance, a reaction to the Covid-19 virus, is named Nashua Ordinance O-20-18, "Relative to Face Coverings."  The ordinance may be viewed at https://www.nashuanh.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/6403

Let me begin by saying that if someone wants to wear a mask because they feel that it would protect themselves from others, I’m fine with it.  If someone wants to wear a mask to protect others from themselves, I approve.  These are their personal choices. 

As “guidance”, the ordinance contains several good ideas.  But as a legally enforceable ordinance (obey or pay a fine, or possibly be brought to court), the ordinance fails.  There are far too many deficiencies that act as anti-business measures, and others that cause unnecessary confusion.