Saturday, June 20, 2020

An Interview with Clyde Wilson, Part III

“Southerners who still value their heritage but don’t know what to do about it in such a hostile environment. They are our audience.”
DM: What is your best short answer to people who say the War for Southern Independence was all about slavery and nothing but slavery? Should we come at this from an offensive posture, rather than being defensive, which cedes the moral high ground to the tyrants?

CW: What is conjured up in most minds these days by the word “slavery” has nothing to do with the system of labour in the antebellum South. The people who use the term do not know or care about any history and are impervious to argument. They use the term because it is rewarding to them. Being a victim is lucrative in the present American regime, even as a victim of something that ended more than a century and a half ago. Perhaps more importantly, the word is the guard dog of Yankee self-righteousness. Without “slavery,” it would be obvious that the brutal invasion and conquest of the Southern States was a great crime.

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