Saturday, June 20, 2020

Radicals Tear Down Statues of US Grant, St. Junipero Serra and Francis Scott Key + Democrats’ Tactics Straight Out of Insurgents’ Playbook....Baiting Trump to Force a Major Blunder

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After Vietnam the radicals told us they were going into the Halls of Ivy to indoctrinate the students and we ignored them.  When they first started removing all things Confederate, we said that they wouldn't stop there.......

How crazy has the Monument Mob gotten?

Radical leftists went after one of the people most instrumental in ending slavery last night on Juneteenth, the day celebrating the day the last slaves were freed.

Ulysses Grant was the 18th president of the United States but also the leader of the Union Army who helped to defeat the Confederacy.

About 400 people went to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco last night and pulled down his statue that was featured there. They also tore down the statues of St. Junipero Serra and Francis Scott Key, the author of the lyrics for the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Here they are toppling Grant’s statue:

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".......So, let’s let them carry on. Why interfere when our enemy is making a colossal mistake?
The left has made a serious miscalculation and hopefully they’ll pay for it at the ballot box.
God help us if Biden wins and the far left gets their hands on power…"


  1. They've torn down General Albert Pike too which is generally
    over-looked and then burned him the best they could.
    This is nothing but a game to them. Worthless scum.

  2. The time has come for the President to stop talking and start acting! BLM and antifa are criminal terrorist organizations and must be treated as such and their leadership removed with all due expediency. Hey have openly declared war against the republic and should be treated as enemy combatants and traitors. Any so-called academics that object and voice support for them are equally guilty and should be arrested and charged with treason as well. The time for compromise and conciliation is over.

    1. I imagine Trump wants to do this but his 'advisors' are cautioning him about reelection.

    2. No doubt, but though inaction he risks being seen as the weak horse as it were. They left has openly stated that they have no interest in compromise or negotiation. So be it. Then there is no other option other than destroying them utterly and completely.

    3. there is no other option other than destroying them utterly and completely.

      That would work for me, as I would for them. No compassion here, period. Check out the video I just posted from Tucker. Infuriating.

  3. This same kind of scum tried to do this in 1930's Berlin, putting
    up all these modern statures, monstrosities.
    Hitler said this was not acceptable, ugly works of art, and had
    them all torn down. Kudos to Hitler for doing the right thing.
    He was also anti pornography and got rid of that too.

    1. It's interesting in that if Hitler had died in 1935/6 he would have gone down in history as one of the greatest German leaders.

    2. Yes, he was the Man of Year on Time magazine three times.
      I read that he was the most beloved leader in history.

    3. Hitler was a great defender of wildlife, preserving the
      environment, hence, he would not use biological weapons.
      The US's copied much of his beliefs. Alas, what was
      once in Berlin is here now.
      This story really got to me. This is why I hate tourists.
      Any means necessary:
      Putin is a great lover of animals. That's why people
      are always sending him puppies, lion cubs, and all else.

    4. This story really got to me. This is why I hate tourists.

      Unbelievable. Thanks.