Friday, June 19, 2020

America is Gone with the Wind

Via Billy

America is Gone with the Wind

The United States of America will never be the same. It will be a much worse place to live and work.  Amid a three-month pandemic there has been a three-week cultural revolution, ignited by the brutal death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, that has changed our country forever.

Our country is a great experiment, a diverse nation of 50 states united by a founding document that enshrines God-given rights that people in other countries can only dream of realizing. The United States has become not only the world’s only superpower but also a country that has been a beacon of hope and freedom to the world.

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  1. I may not be a septic mate but I think yanks have a have a bit more stug than that.

  2. You may endure and defeat horrific threats from outside but you can never win the fight against the cancer from within.

  3. Where the Hell are the REPUBLICAN Lawmakers in all of this?

    Tucker Carlson has a theory:

    1. Another unbelievable.

      Though, Trump is at 47% today on Rasmussen. Since this crap started, he has gone from 48 to 43 for a while and recently climbed back to 47%.

  4. That's what the Statue of Liberty was for - to recognize the
    freedom of the American people. Now look what we got destroying
    what was - “Defund the Police”? How about “Defund the Blacks.” No more welfare payments, no more food stamps, no more subsidized housing, etc. How long would the “Black community” survive without those things (which are paid for by Whitey’s tax dollars)? A month, if that? Born criminals won't do without.