Thursday, June 25, 2020

NC: “Let the Rioters do their Worst; I won’t Stand in Their way!”

And he did so in spite of—in open violation of—the Heritage Protection Act [Monuments Protection Act] of 2015 [G.S. § 100-2.1] which specifically enjoined and forbade the removal of North Carolina’s historic monuments by any level of government authority.  

Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina comes across as a nice man, well-mannered, calm, the kind of man you would want as a neighbor and, yes, as a friend. He seems unthreatening in how he speaks, always with a very slight but perceptible eastern North Carolina accent.  In short, he radiates a down home “you can trust me” charm.

Except for one thing: it’s all a façade, false, a mask hiding a far darker side of his character. His likable demeanor disguises an individual—North Carolina’s chief executive officer—who has been largely responsible for giving the green light to looting, mob violence, and the blatant destruction of symbols and artifacts of our history.


  1. I know what Andrew Jackson would have done to this idiot. Fuck you Cooper. You will be a private citizen soon. And findable.

  2. So why aren't North Carolina State Troopers arresting his ass? Two part just-us system... He is the big cheese and was derelict and criminally so in his duties.

    1. He is the big cheese and was derelict and criminally so in his duties.

      Good point.