Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Darwin Winner for May

Via Kirk


  1. A Darwin Award winner is someone who removed themselves from the gene pool via some particularly stupid action..... preferably prior to breeding and passing along their genetic deficiencies. This moron survived thus he is not an Award winner......merely an unsuccessful candidate.

  2. Doesn't it seem that this video is fake? Look at the size of the buffalo when he was on its back then look at the size difference when he gets nailed. That buffalo bull was smaller when it hit him.
    I was trapped on a mountain road in Yellowstone park when a buffalo came around the corner and walked within 7ft of me, I had nowhere to escape to and neither did he because of the cliff. His eye facing me was huge and I thought I was dead. He just walked on by, I had been sitting still on my snowmobile with the motor off, didn't move a muscle when he walked by and couldn't believe I was still alive. Buffalo are my favorite tasty animal.:)

    1. Seems the same to me. A great experience and thanks. I've only had Buffalo jerky and it is excellent.

  3. A LOT of city dwellers don't have that survival instinct when it comes to wild animals.

    I remember, IIRC I was 9, my parents and I were in Africa for the summer thanks to my father's career.

    One afternoon my parents said to bank out the dust from my boots at the hotel on the savannah. OK... and OOPS. Dropped one. So my parents said "Just go get it". And I did, and thankfully nothing was there.

    Looking back, that was an incredibly stupid thing. Had there been a lion or hyena or something, I'd have been dinner. I should have gone to the front desk, said what happened, and either they'd have gotten it, or I'd have been escorted by a guy with a gun.

  4. On the last day of a 10 day I hike I came into the valley proper at Yosemite. I cam across a crowd surrounding a bear cub. I said you people better skedaddle cause momma bear gonna show up soon. Other than ignoring me some questioned my manhood. Sho nuff, momma came charging out of the brush. She didn't catch any of the fools but some were injured when others ran over them trying to get away.

    Another time, I was out tracking game in the yonder. A guy and gal came across me (way out there - where did they come from?) on bucycles. I told them to be watchful and how to act if confronted by a mountain lion. They p'shh my warnings. About a week later I read of their encounter. Not all of her body was recovered. He said they were attacked from about 5 o'clock. Then he said they tried to ride away from the big cat. Damn fools!