Saturday, August 29, 2020

Confederate Statue on the Tarboro Common is removed and race relations set back to the beginning

Via Ashley via Susan

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  1. Native population dilution, as well as, philosophical monopoly of academia and media has replaced a healthy respect for history with a near suicidal fear of alternative view points. My friends argue that this is the Democrats hiding their history, it can be both.

    This is directly related to the NY Times fabricated 1619 Project. If they can convince you that your past was built on an immoral foundation they can tear it all down and rebuild it with their Marxist Utopia ideology. Ask Cambodia how that worked out for them.

    1. Really.

      The Tuol Sleng Museum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
      (Go to the Tuol Sleng Museum in Phnom Penh. You won't go back. BT)

  2. Brock, did you even know this was in the works, to remove the
    anointed one, the Confederated monument?

    1. Yes, all set up, passed 5 to 3 without debate. The Mayor had said it would never be taken down but he had only one vote. Open ASHLEY at the top and see who are the real race baiters and they're certainly not us. Their ignorance of history is mind boggling.

    2. Re: ASHLEY. I don't do social media as it is a means to
      an end for THEM as are cell phones. What does the site

    3. It shows an uncountable number of comments and reveals that there was evidently not the race companionship in Tarboro that I thought. Too bad, but better to know and not be fooled any more. Hate to say this, but throughout my life I have always been congenial with blacks but now I see it was just a facade and I will now behave myself accordingly.

      They are a dying breed. Use to be Confederate flags
      everywhere here. They put the fear of racist in the
      Confederate folks but it's not racist, it's heritage and
      love of the old South. It's not the time to be a dying
      After the Revolutionary War, the brits should have taken
      the slaves with them as this is when slaves were added
      to the slave countries list. The heathen yankees are
      the problem and they don't belong. Of course, there is
      always exceptions who love Southern heritage.
      Sad day in what has become a Hell hole.

    5. Thanks and they did have conversions all day with the foe which were non-violent for a change.

  3. I don't even know why this type came to the South. You either
    fit in or get out. I would no more walk into a black neighborhood
    then I would put a hole in my head. They're no different then
    the scum infesting our streets. They infest the City Councils
    where once the members were loyal to their tradition. Same
    happened to Asheville. The good guys were forced out.

  4. We just need a petition to put Kyle Rittenhouse up there.

  5. I really don't want to say this, but... shoot enough of the statue tearer-downers and they won't do it any more.

    I'm a New England born Yankee and Jew, and I hate-hate-hate what's going on.

  6. When I saw this tears came down my face because I have lived here all my life the story I am hearing about it now is not what it stood for me .Anyone lose a family in War time deserve s to be remembered .