Saturday, August 29, 2020

"They’re gonna miss climbing on this. "πŸ˜”

Via Susan

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Tarboro Town Common, 1760: Tarboro, NC | The Confederate Mon… | Flickr


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    1. Never thought it would happen here. :(

    2. Did you see this one? shows an uncountable number of comments and reveals that there was evidently not the race companionship in Tarboro that I thought. Too bad, but better to know and not be fooled any more. Hate to say this, but throughout my life I have always been congenial with blacks but now I see it was just a facade and I will now behave myself accordingly.

  2. It's the Confederate monuments today, tomorrow any monument to anyone not a hero of their revolution. Anyone not a Communist.

    1. Thanks and they have already taken others down.