Thursday, August 6, 2020

Culture Anti-Defamation League Hits Michelle Malkin with Shameful ‘White Supremacy’ Smear

They say she is normalizing white supremacy.

 The vehemently anti-Trump, anti-American, anti-Constitution organization – the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – has started a vicious smear campaign against right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin for “normalizing white supremacy.”


  1. Good! She and all the rest of us need to “normalize white supremacy.” 'cuz I ain't seen much of the other colors (with some exceptions) stepping up to bat.

  2. I like Michelle Malkin - she's spunky, intelligent and makes
    some cool faces. She use to come on Fox occasionally but have
    not seen her in awhile.
    White Supremacy reigns.

    1. She has a bitchute channel:

    2. Thanks and I've always had an affinity with her. Filipinos and Vietnamese are much alike, share some similar foods and I think the two were connected at one time. Visualize moving PI on a world map towards Vietnam.