Sunday, August 30, 2020

Good Video by a Cop

Via Daughter Christine  and Andrew


  1. Updsting a 1979's bumper sticker.

    Don't like the police? Next time your in trouble call AntiFa.

  2. De-fund the bad policies and programs that create bad cops, like asset forfeitures, No-Knock 4am warrants, Police Chiefs not directly elected like a Sheriff, so he is not beholden to the Mayor of a town or city. Remove Qualified Immunity and make cops and sheriffs accountable for their actions or lack of actions. Just those changes would improve our cops and citizens. The other change make people responsible again including politicians, sports figures and celebrities and youths.

  3. If the goofballs 'de-fund' the LawEnforcementOfficials, the LawEnforcementOfficials will compensate by increasing other sources of income:
    * Vastly more seizures seem likely.
    * Traffic tickets by the bushel, plus a 'traffic-stop fee' and a fee for the time involved in writing the tickets... because there won't be just one.
    * Fees to answer a '911' call to report criminals.

    On the positive side, we can expect 'policing via cameras', millions and millions of cameras.