Sunday, August 30, 2020

PROOF: #Covid19, Absent Manslaughter, IS THE FLU

Via 4Branch

Coronavirus Update: 30 New Infections, 1 New Hospitalization Reported in  N.H. | New Hampshire Public Radio

The jury is in and the data is incontrovertible.

We have all "lived with" Covid19 now for six months.  The majority of the nation has reached suppression levels.  FL, TN, TX, AZ, SC, MS, GA, LA and more.  There are a few states (and counties within states) that have not; Hawaii and South Dakota are two notable ones.

Now that we are here we can take a worst-case scenario for a county that has reached suppression and compare it with other things.  I will use mine, since we're here and we have a jackass for a county Mayor who has refused to drop his obscene mask order.

From the County today:


  1. The only time I wear a mask is to enter a health care facility. otherwise I ignore orders and signs.
    I was in 2 places where people complained about me not wearing a mask - both were before there were any mandates in place, and in both cases I left and took my business elsewhere.

  2. I wear my driving-alone mask (aka 'face-mask') even if I'm not driving.
    This lets everybody know I am a good virtue-signaler.

    At the entrance to a business requiring masks (aka 'face-masks'), I stop at the sill to install my out-in-public mask (aka 'face-mask') over my driving-alone mask (aka 'face-mask').

    Break into small groups, discuss.