Thursday, September 10, 2020

ANTIFA /BLM This is what happens when you bring an American flag to a BLM/Antifa rally in Portland.

Via Skid

The man was just standing there. He gets sucker punched, then beaten by the crowd. He never let go of the flag.


  1. Done with people like you ?
    No you pampered ass. We the working people of America who daily allow you to live, breath and enjoy the fruits of the work, labor blood. Have had enough of paid protestors protected by traitors and insurection driven socialist. Families , generations and civilization came from our work and flag. Don't think us weak or uncaring we make the system work for all. When we stop and turn to you our full measure of attention and ire. Despots tremble and hide for they see the flinty resolve , fire Coming . For we have been long willing to unleash Hell and put down this wave fools.

    1. Thanks.

  2. Looks like the page has been pulled, already. Which tells you all you need to know.

    Whitehall, NY

  3. These Silver Spoon Socialists have been coddled and brainwashed into thinking that they, and they alone, are the smartest, baddest and bravest little Revolucionéros that the world has ever seen. They are in for one helluva rude awakening when the flag goes up and the gloves come off, right after their next attempted coup in November. The simmering anger that has been building up for years in the tens of millions of patriots, many millions of whom are veterans and/or hunters who are extremely proficient in the tactics of war (and have more firepower than most armies on the planet, combined), will be unleashed. If/When that flag goes up, the proverbial Gates of Hell will be opened and it will be very hard to shut them before every last one of those wannabe-Marxists asshats is a rotting corpse.

    They may start it, but We will finish it. They have been warned, but We know they won't listen. Especially after having been given free rein to Burn, Loot and Murder, for all these months, by their Marxist masters in blue states and cities.