Sunday, September 6, 2020

Cities in flames and the blame game begins.

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In the midst of continuing rioting in democrat ran cities, the blame game has begun. The cunning masterplan by elected officials and state governors was to encourage civil unrest by neutering all the local law enforcement bodies, make sure anyone unlucky enough to be actually arrested would appear before a liberal DA or judge to be let free the next day, and then blame the escalating looting, arson and deaths on Trump. The long-term thinking, if there was any, was to force his hand to send in troops so they could condemn him as a fascist dictator, but as usual, he didn’t do what they expected and now they’re feeling the pain from all directions.

It’s become patently obvious outside the bubble the Dems live in, that blaming Trump is one of those big lies which although pushed by the all-engulfing octopus tentacles of fake news and the media hasn’t been swallowed at all by the electorate. Indeed, his approval numbers have rocketed while Biden’s are down in his basement to keep him company. All I’ve seen are the usual Hillary-like 98% polls but from their frantic efforts to squirm out of the situation they created themselves, I’d guess the real numbers are so horrific, they’ve now got to pull the hot coals out of the fire somehow and find a way to retreat from an untenable position of tacitly supporting the chaos and blaming it all on Trump.

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