Sunday, September 6, 2020

War Warning

World War 2 sign warning against looting Stock Photo - Alamy

The REAL crisis we face is in the Congressional races.  The demonrats are running Gropey Ol' Joe and the Fake Black  as a tactical smoke screen.

They really don't care about the presidency, THEY WANT THE CONGRESS! 

POTUS makes noise and video, but not much else.  CONGRESS is where the power is, where the laws come from, where the money comes from, and it'll be Congress who takes your guns, makes Gates Poison Pill mandatory, and reduces USA to a fading memory.  16% of House seats are already occupied by Democratic Socialists, fronting for Communism . . . more importantly, are the Congressional Staffs, who lead their politicians by the nose.

Communists have learned, and incorporated in their strategy and tactics, that they need only 1% of any organization to be Communists.  History proves the numbers.  Once they infiltrate and organization, and begin their subversion, it only takes a few 'working the plan' to bring down any political, religious, academic, whatever organization or body.  They have essentially destroyed the Roman Catholic Church, Episcopal Church, Lutherans and dozens of  Protestant denominations in America.  They are 'influencers',  working in the shadows, never center stage, never on TV, every day in every way, working to establish their fantasy.

Communists don't actually believe that BS, they want power, money and authority.  If they thought Nazism would get it, they'd be Nazis;  they're interested in being that top 1% and they'll do whatever, to whomever, to get there.  Their sole loyalty is to themselves.  Not each other, not to family.

But to his own person, his own gratification.  They marry politically, have kids politically, but can send them to die in the camps without a qualm.

Think Bill and Hillary.  If Chelsea got religion, they'd drop her like a live snake.


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