Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab and released ‘intentionally’: Whistleblower virologist

A Chinese virologist whistleblower who fled the country after leaving her job at a Hong Kong university claims coronavirus was “man-made” in a lab – and the communist nation released the virus “intentionally”.


  1. Do I believe it was man-engineered? Yes.

    Do I believe it was released deliberately? Yes.

    Do I believe the CCP told the Democrats, who worked to spread it and damage Trump? Yes.

    1. Can't agree and this 'CCP told the Democrats, who worked to spread it" is treason.

  2. Bio-engineered in Wuhan Lab, upgraded with a few million dollars from Obama and Fauci back in 2014. You will know your true enemy by whoever is still saying it's from a bat shishkabob purchased at a wet market. Participants of the International Military Games held in Wuhan last fall could have been contaminated with something deadly and then spread some of the "rapidly mutuating virus" back to their homes - if it is mutating that fast, Folks, there can't be a vaccine. It's the ventilator treatment that kills you, but Covid19 gets all the Credit! To this day, there is no proof of any new single deadly virus from a single source and that jumps and spreads at will killing healthy people on the spot. Only Lies have shut down our country with one purpose of giving the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gates, Fauci, NATO leaders,, their One World/One Govt. Dream.... and getting that Pesky Population down to 1 billion or less.