Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Attorney General Bill Barr Told Federal Prosecutors to Charge Violent Rioters with Sedition

US Attorney General Bill Barr told federal prosecutors to charge violent rioters with sedition, according to report by The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ reported Bill Barr made these statements during a conference call last week with federal prosecutors.
According to the WSJ, which cited “people familiar” with the conference call, Barr “encouraged the prosecutors to seek a number federal charges, including under a rarely used sedition law, even when state charges could apply.”

According to Law and Crime, the seditious conspiracy statute, 18 U.S. Code § 2384, is a means of punishing those who conspire to violently overthrow or who oppose by force the authority the U.S. government or who by force conspire to seize federal property:


  1. Looks like it's hammer and tongs time, Barr is not fooling around!

  2. And don’t forget he was running ruby ridge and covered up for Lon Horiachi for mudering Vicki weaver. He’ll do nothing. He’s part of the vast deep swamp.

    1. Seems to have changed his tune. They are guilty of a felony.