Thursday, September 17, 2020

Lancaster Solved Its Rioting Problem In One Day. Here’s How They Did It.

 Lancaster Police

This was shaping up to be another week of rioting and chaos in an American city. It was Lancaster, Pennsylvania this time, home to Amish villages, cornfields, and other rural attractions. Rioters descended on the town on Sunday night, pillaging, looting, burning, and doing all of the other things we have come to expect, in response to the police shooting of a man who was chasing after an officer while wielding a knife. But then something we have not come to expect: almost as soon as it had started, the rioting stopped.

The next night of protests was small and for the most part peaceful (really peaceful, not “peaceful” in the way the media has come to use the word). If there have been any protests since Monday, we haven’t heard much about them. Things seem to have quieted down in Lancaster. Order rapidly reemerged from the chaos. Contrast this with places like Portland or Seattle, which saw mass anarchy for months on end. Riots plagued Kenosha and Minneapolis for weeks.

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  1. This is all entirely plausible, or, knowing that the rioting has been hurting Beijing Joe's poll numbers, someone high on the food chain may have instructed the locals PTB to shut everything down quickly. I don't know a great deal about the local prosecutors, perhaps they too are disgusted by what has happened this summer. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.