Thursday, September 17, 2020

Wray Claims “White Supremacists” Make Up the Largest Share of Racially Motivated Terrorists in the US (without Evidence) as BLM Burns Businesses to the Ground (VIDEO)

This is outrageous!

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday said “white supremacists” make up the largest share of racially motivated terrorists in the United States.Wray made these statements during a testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee.

“Within the domestic terrorism bucket, category as a whole, racially motivated violent extremism is I think the biggest bucket within that large group. And within the racially motivated extremism bucket people prescribing to some kind of white supremacist ideology is certainly the biggest chunk of that,” Wray told radical Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI).

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Black Lives Matter not to them, they don't.  How many Black babies are murdered in the womb?  How many Black children are murdered in the crossfire between drug dealers?  How many Black girls' lives are ruined by rape, incest, or sold into slavery . . . how many Black guys died in Shitcago this year, at the hands of 'the bruthas' . . . Quit peddling your bullshit BLM, you don't give a rat's ass about any of the REAL atrocities.



  1. Technically true. BLM, and anti-fa are motivated by greed and marxist ideology. The number of people motivated purely by race is diminishgly small, so the almost non-existent white supremacists might be the largest. Especially true if you let groups like SPLC put all their critics on the list and anyone to the right of Moa.

    Islam is a religion motivated. India is clan-based, nor race based. MS-13 is greed motivated.


    1. SPLC

      A couple of years ago I read that Dees was going to speak at VMI and it was mandatory attendance. I intermediately called my sister whose husband was a graduate to give her the bad news.

    2. Forgot:
      Mint Juleps & General Buckner

  2. As I recall, the Tea Party Patriots marched to their respective Capitols to protest Obamacare and Taxation through Mendacious Mandates. Largely White in color, this group (of which I was a proud participant before the Establishment RINOs ruined it) was deemed Racist for calling out the first partially Black President, BArry Soetoro, and his fellow commie Dems. So, the FBI under Mueller and Comey and Wray just love demonizing White people and even on occasion allow for assassinating them just as much as anybody else, even women holding babies and old men in the snow bank.

    1. Really and I went to DC in 2009, how about you?

    2. Goes back even further to the imaginary "militia movement" that the clinton administration tried to say was a threat to national security. Democrats need easily defeated boogeymen. Just a few, here and there, are enough to write a report to congress which then gets quoted in the media.


    3. I remember that a spokesman for the militia was a black man.

  3. What a LOAD of horse shyte.

    This is the problem wit thought crimes, it is left up to those in charge to tell us who was thinking what and when. Factually, we know blacks attack Caucasian FAR more than the reverse yet somehow those are not hate crimes but nearly ever time a Caucasian even defends themselves he is pronounced guilty of a 'hate crime', because government bureaucrats 'know' what they were thinking.

    The same thing is true of the government's claim on who is a 'terrorist' and who isn't a 'terrorist.' In the end both are merely excuses for government to suppress and or oppress individuals or targeted groups of people, hence x-military and Tea Party people are often referred to, at best, as potential 'terrorists' etc. while those actually committing the actual atrocities are 'mostly peaceful protestors.'

    Here are some states about who is doing the attacking and it is obvious the government and media is covering it up.

    These numbers don't count the reality that government is actively trying NOT to 'ruin the young black man's life' by charging them with the crimes they so readily commit. Michael Brown anyone?

    Keep in mind, according to government, this IS NOT a 'hate' crime while at the same time they send 15 FBI agents to investigate a hate hoax.

    Ya, go reread that and let it sink in a while. Imagine if this was someone in your family. Heck, how many documentaries and movies would already be made by now to remind us of how 'racist' Caucasians are and how their victims are black.

    Pardon me now, I need to go exercise and do some target practice.

    In the immortal words of John Mosby from Mountain Guerrilla Blog...

    "When you are lying there bleeding out watching your wife and daughter being raped, don't come crying to me.'

    Pardon me if I didn't get it quite right but, no doubt, you get point.

    Y'all have a nice day.

  4. They even hate each other. None dare called them savages.
    What this poor woman did who knows or do they even need an
    excuse like here in Amerika:

    1. I believe they said she was the opposition.:(

    2. They also said she was a whore. Ginsburg has died.
      Away we go!

    3. :)Now to get another one appointed ASAP.

    4. I hope another Gorsuch is not chosen. I did not like him from
      the beginning. Something about the way he kept staring
      at his wife all the time, like he needed reassurance
      from her. Dependency tendency. He did the stare all the
      time and it really bugged me; made him less of a man.

    5. Thanks and I don't believe I saw it.