Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Media Pushes Unverified Gossip to Hide Trump’s Amazing Economic and Foreign Policy Achievements +

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“The Democrat-media complex has a new mission: to distract our attention from President Trump’s incredible—and I mean incredible—progress on both economic and foreign policy,” Andy Puzder writes in The Federalist.

“Clearly, these hit pieces were never intended to be rational or believable—and they weren’t. Rather, they were carefully crafted and timed to draw attention away from the most remarkable economic comeback in American history and unprecedented progress towards peace in the Middle East.”

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In 2019, American households saw the biggest jump in real median income in at least 52 years, and the poverty rate hit its lowest level since at least 1959, according to a new Census report. “The absence press coverage is even more astounding when you consider that the gains were among lower-income families, women, blacks and Hispanics,” the Issues & Insights editorial board writes.
“If the nation’s police officers walked off the job today, it would be hard to blame them. Sunday’s anti-cop riots in Lancaster, Pa., have made the current de facto rules of engagement clear,” Manhattan Institute Fellow Heather Mac Donald writes. “Virtually the entirety of the Democratic political class stayed silent this summer as cops became punching bags for criminals and anarchists.” Read more in Fox News.
Nowhere is President Trump’s commitment to expanding opportunity more evident than at Second Chances Farm in Delaware. “Second Chances Farm is a distillation of two of the president's key priorities: creating job opportunities for low-income Americans and reforming the criminal justice system,” write HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Scott Turner of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council in Delaware Online.

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