Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Dem Tulsi Gabbard Raises the Alarm: ‘Ballot Harvesting Has Allowed for Fraud and Abuse’

 Via John


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has raised an alarm over ballot harvesting and voter fraud, filing a bill to prevent the practice. Gabbard, a former presidential candidate, has shown an extraordinary willingness to buck the propagandistic groupthink in her party, and Democrats have not always appreciated it. Yet she is right to warn about ballot harvesting and voter fraud, and she even noted that the recent Project Veritas sting videos illustrate her point.

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  1. Tulsi is and elegant and fair compared to the literal whore, Harris.
    She, Harris, is a monstrosity. The candidate standards are getting
    lower and lower. If one is a whore or a pedophile or drug
    dealer or murderer the message is 'come on in.'

    1. Oh, I forgot to add cheating to the list of low life
      Biden doesn't need to be lucid as he won't be governing
      anything but his desire to fondle kids.
      Probably has a kid down in the basement with him for his
      amusement & deviant needs. Believe me this kind of
      stuff has happened before in history.

    2. Posted this earlier:

    3. Yes, I see it now. Got it off 'Fellowshipoftheminds'
      and went from there. Sorry.

    4. Thanks and and not at all. Better 10 times than none!

  2. I Agree with Reborn, HOW is she a Damn Dirty Dem?? This does not compute. She speaks Republican (albeit, somewhat squishy, aka RINO), she is Military (National Guard, or was), and she ain't exactly Ugly, or Conceited, like most Dem wimens tend to be. She is a WOMAN, White, and SMART. Methinks, although she really gets it, she's just a bit confused. Give her a couple more years, a lot of encouragement, and she could be a Conservative Firebrand. I see recruitment potential.

  3. Tulsi Gabbard was the only democratic candidate I could respect. She is not the least hard on the eyes.