Monday, September 7, 2020

President Trump Orders a Halt to the Anti-White Racial Discrimination Practiced Throughout the US Government.

Trump targets 'white privilege' training as 'anti-American' | National News  |

The same racial discrimination against white Americans, especially male, is endemic throughout corporations and universities.  In America the process of dispossessing white people of their self-respect is far advanced.  White Americans are so devoid of racial pride that they tolerate racial abuse that my generation would not put up with.  

“America’s first black president” initiated the anti-white racist policy of  spending taxpayer money–essentially white money– to indoctrinate all white employees of the federal government that they are racists and must make amends.  Imagine the idiocy of the dumbshit whites who put the racist Obama in the presidency.  Will the dumbshits now put Kamala in the presidency?  Instead of voting her in, they should just cut their own throats.

Here is Trump’s order rescinding Obama’s anti-white racist policy


  1. Hi Brock,
    This should be interesting?????
    Kinda reminds me of some years ago .. someone said.. "Jesus is coming!!" The respondent said,"Yeah, an' I ain't waitn' up night's!!!"

    Better late than never. too bad it wasn't on 21JAN2017.......


  2. Glad for this, I would not go to dievarsity training at all when working, it was all the same back then as a nurse... whites are racist and we don't understand, I understood completely, you want me to hand you more stuff because you won't work your ass off to earn it or appreciate it. I beleive Pres Trump should start firing obama generals and admirals and senior staffs if tied to obamos earlier purges of conservative flag officers and senior officers and enlisted.