Monday, September 7, 2020

The Kwanzaafication of America

 If you want black lives to matter, try shopping at a black business sometime, Yankees, instead of burning and looting them. And if you want to share something of value with your black neighbors, I suggest Jesus rather than Kwanzaa. Christianity has always been good enough for black Americans. Kwanzaa, on the other hand, is the religion of Marxist murderers, and the 1619 Project is the a-historical rantings of race-haters with a twisted agenda and a horrific past.

Kwanzaa is an invented tradition. Billed as a kind of “black Christmas”—you can even buy Kwanzaa greeting cards at the store and mail them with Kwanzaa stamps—the odd holiday was created out of spite by a certain Ronald Everett in the 1960s in a fit of pique after the Watts Riots in Los Angeles. Kwanzaa begins the day after Christmas, but Kwanzaa is not the celebration of the birth of the Savior but a kind of faux-African harvest thanksgiving.

In other words, Kwanzaa is an attempt to replace Christmas with a racialist, pagan substitution meant to lure people into an anti-Christian militant mindset. It’s the perfect holiday for softening up a population for Marxist revolution.

This may sound like the typical marketing ploy of the race-baiter, and to be sure we have seen this schtick a thousand times before. But the audience for Kwanzaa, it is crucial to bear in mind, is not really American blacks, but Yankees. Yankees hold the reins of power in the United States, and so if they can be made to sufficiently loathe themselves–or more importantly the non-Yankee–then the Marxist revolution will be at hand.