Friday, September 4, 2020

The Hill To Die On

 TL Davis: American Exceptionalism   7th NC PATCON

This is the hill to die on, not because of Trump himself, but because the communists want it bad enough to kill you in broad daylight for it. They will kill your whole family if they can, before they take power or after. It is only the preparedness and coolness of head that Kyle Rittenhouse showed that will bring us through it. Some of us won't make it. But, what better reason to die than defending your families and your freedom? I can think of none.

Four years ago I said that the 2016 election would be the last American presidential election in history. Every one after that would be a political fight, a gloves-off battle in the streets. The Democrats have proven they are  willing to cheat and intimidate or assault Trump voters. They will use everything they can: mail-in voting and Antifa and Black Lives Matter at polling stations, whatever it takes to win.

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  1. I'm just giving you the same advise you gave Trump. Let them burn themselves out in blue zones and know the media would magnify the Civil war fearporn 10 fold if it was that talented. As it is, I am in Oakland California and we all are copasetic here. I truly think most Americans are fully aware civil rights and gay rights are only present day fights for the kiddies who desperately want a cause. For the rest of us, racism will always need to be guarded against but demanding a incident-free world is as childish as demanding a mask until we triumph over death.