Sunday, September 27, 2020

US Rep: “Food Shortages Are Coming” – Crops Destroyed – UK Limits Purchases

 Via Pete "Dear Mr. Townsend:In case this fits in the scope of your site, Free North Carolina, I pass this on to you. I ran across this video on:-- false positives at 90% for COVID-19 tests -- the false positive tests for COVID-19 being used as an excuse to shut down farms meat processors, etc.  -- Also farmworkers walking off jobs due to hearing about other workers having tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.-- Food being dumped.-- Armed guards in stores to ensure mask wearing.-- In France, shoppers having tear gas used on them for no apparent reason.-- End of video, speaker urges viewers to grow food, raise livestock, and build things in healthy ways.


Rep. Scott from Georgia warns that “food shortages are coming.” Farms are destroying crops, plowing under fields without the labor to harvest them! As new laws accelerate the demise of California’s agriculture, Washington’s governor commits an act of agricultural terrorism, emblematic of the wholesale attack on food production across the world. UK’s Morrisons resumes rationing of pasta and canned goods, and “Safety Marshalls” and police are being deployed to ensure social distancing — as Boris Johnson deploys the Army to assist. The scene is set for food shortages. Start growing your own today.

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  1. or is this just another attempt to scare us into compliance leading to full socialism, where the elite will have to control everything, otherwise "billions of people in the USA" will die of starvation